FRINGE – Back of the Bus – Java Dance – 5K

By Caroline Melia

This has to be one of the best shows on offer at this year’s fringe. The young dances are lively, engaging and keen to impress, with plenty of surprises that keep the audience on their toes.

The confined setting might, at first, seem a little unpromising, but it soon become clear that this is no obstiacale to the performers.

As the bus moves of and the music begins, you are thrown into a world that enacts everything you are told never to do on a bus; running in the isles, swinging on the rails, singing and more. The characters become distinct as the evening progresses and every time you are bid to get off the bus and follow the performers a new and exciting piece of the show awaits. It’s part dance show part follow the leader with never a dull moment.

One of the most unexpected and comic parts of the show came from watching the other motorists along side the bus, in traffic and pedestrians on the street staring at the bus in wonder and disbelief, as the dancers hang upside-down from the rails. I would recommend seeing one of the earlier shows when there are more moments like this, just remember to keep an eye on the dancers as well.

As the bus pulls back in to the pick up point its tempting to think the show’s over, but stay until the very end and you get to try a cocktail named after the show and are finally allowed to join the dancing.

Kryztoff Rating  5K

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