FRINGE – Two Points of Reality – Move through Life – 3.5K

By Fiona Gardner

Two Points of Reality Choreographed by Daniel Turbill, presented by Move Through Life Dance Company and Alzheimer’s Australia SA, is showing as part of the Adelaide Fringe at the Holden Street Theatre. This dance piece displays a clear articulate message through the expression of dance.  The work definitely demonstrates an emotional impact and awareness through the message and through the hard accuracy in facts of dimension and links to the effects that it has on the workers and loved ones.

For those who are not the ones to really understand the message of dance, Two Points of Reality will make you comprehend the effects of dementia. A cause that is not often discussed, making it a socially broad minded dance work, introducing mindfulness to a broader dance audiences.

For the dance, the movement moves clearly with messages between the four characters in a choreographic sense, playing on the recollection of the past and how the effects of dementia can be distorted for the person suffering in that present moment. The opening statistic achieves a clear emotional impact as a viewer, and these statistics become more evident through the impact of a nurse’s job who cares for sufferers of dimentia. The expression of movement is much like Expression Dance Company under the role of Maggie Siemesta (Qld.)

Kryztoff  Rating  3.5K

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