More Information With… Anthony Kupinic (Pludo/ex-A Sound Mind)

The former singer of A Sound Mind has gone solo, releasing the new album ‘The Only Thing Certain Is The Future’ under the moniker, Pludo.

What’s been your greatest personal success/high point in your music career so far? And what is the next goal you’re aiming for?

Getting a track on the AFL Grand Final and the 2011 NFL Superbowl were probably write up there, alongside the very first show when I looked out and saw a bunch of people that I didn’t know who all knew the words. I can’t explain how good a feeling it is to write a song and then suddenly at some point hundreds of people are screaming it out at the same time with you. It’s amazing to think that what you conjured in your bedroom has resonated with people and effected them. I can’t wait for everyone to know the lyrics at a Pludo show. That is by far the number one reason I do it!

Who inspires you on a daily basis?

Street performers! The other day I met a magician who taught me how to spin a toothbrush around my finger. It looks impossible! The first time I saw it I was like “What the hell?” I love seeing stuff I’ve never seen before.”

Who is someone you look up to/respect?

DUB FX. This is an artist that has gotten big with no marketing strategy… just pure talent. He started off on the street, and because he is so good he has gotten to where he is now. I think there is something very pure about his rise, and its very inspiring. He released videos on Youtube of himself playing on the street, and they went viral. Its stories of artists like that that teach record companies and radio stations that fans are the bosses, not them. The Internet is a very interesting platform right now for launching artists.  It’s inevitable that in 3-5 years the Internet will dictate to radio and record companies.

Favourite decade?

I’m about to turn 30 so hopefully it’s the next decade.

Best concert you’ve attended?

Florence And The Machine.

Greatest famous Australian in your opinion?


Best place in the world?

Hmmm. Toss up between Hawaii, Bali and a little town in Croatia, called Pula.

Describe yourself using a famous movie title?

In bed “As Good As It Gets.” In life, “Lost In Translation” (…Holy s***! I am watching TV and just as I wrote this, and they started talking about it…WTF?)

Pludo Album Launch Party dates TBA along with a national tour and UK and Germany tours.

‘The Only Thing Certain Is The Future’ is available at

For the article on the full interview with Anthony Kupinic, go to

DUB FX video:

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