Holographic Charizard is back from touring interstate, and has a brand new shiny EP to release!

And to celebrate this achievement Holographic Charizard is holding another Launch Party at Worldsend Hotel on Hindley St. The show will be on the 13th of October and will be supported by Star Wars enthusiasts Kessel Run and Pasta fanatics Tram Spaghetti.

The new EP BLUE is being released only months after the début RED, which might be surprising, but Holographic Charizard explains, “Blue is very different and in many ways like their namesakes you really can’t have one without the other.”

The namesakes for the two EPs are of-course the canonical names of Pokemon’s protagonist ‘Red’ and rival ‘Blue’. “I guess it was only fitting to name BLUE after Blue, the songs while touching on the same subjects, come from a very different viewpoint and reflect his personality in the same way that the first EP reflected Red.”

On the issue of Blue’s Charizard Credibility, “Many don’t know this but Blue in the manga was actually the one who had a Charizard, Red had a Bulbasaur… Even a vegan would eat a Bulbasaur.”

The two EPs take on a very different viewpoint of the same world, and the music reflects that, while RED was an acoustic folk masterpiece with relatively sombre arrangements and minimalistic instrumentation, BLUE borrows allot more from the Kantoan Dance and Underground Electro scene, the arrangements are very cocky and somewhat unfriendly, but in a good way.

While the EP will not be available before the Launch Party, you can hear one of the B-Sides from the EP on the official Holographic Charizard Bandcamp.


Direct Links:

http://youtu.be/kXFAHdBazHQ (“A Song About Charizard”)

http://holographiccharizard.bandcamp.com/ (Bandcamp page)

http://www.youtube.com/CharizardMusic (Youtube channel)

http://www.facebook.com/HolographicCharizard (Facebook page)

http://www.facebook.com/events/159994290807756/ (Facebook Event)

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