By Calen Vanstone

Having just released their new album, Over The Sun to stellar feedback, Triple J Unearthed winner, Tinpan Orange has begun a mammoth tour of Australia in support of it, with their final show in Adelaide this Saturday night.

Emily Lubitz, the voice of the band, and one of the songwriters, (along with her brother Jesse Lubitz, and accompanied by Daniel Farugia on drums and Alex Burkoy on violin), has been unable to fully gauge the success of the new record, especially as the focus has been on the tour and promotion of the album.

“The album? Great, I think. It’s hard to know sometimes. We really enjoy playing live and that’s what we’re out doing. It’s a labor of love though.”

“We made a career on touring, not radio play.”

The new album has been over three years in the making, with two of them for writing, and the last year recording. The changes in Lubitz’s life greatly influenced her writing, having a child along the way, among many other things.

“I went from someone who was wasn’t even thinking about kids… to a mother. However, it’s not obvious. The songs aren’t necessarily about being a mother or my child. It’s about remembering, nostalgia, memories…”

The band overall has undergone many changes too, says Lubitz.

“We weren’t really a goal-orientated band. We lacked some ambition. When Steven (Schram – producer) came in, he brought us a bit more focus. He’s more mainstream, not that we think we are a band that is constructed for, or has any intention of being mainstream. We’ve become a little less folky, but either way we just made music we wanted to make.”

As for the writing process in general, Lubitz embraces inspiration from outside sources.

“It’s great to be influenced as a songwriter. For me, it’s paying tribute. I think it’s healthy.”

As for her songs, it’s about opening up, whether she likes it or not.

“My songs are my life, my stories. They’re autobiographical. It’s all honesty. We like that people can connect, and get to know me. As much as it’d be great to be a rockstar on one hand and not have to worry, this is who we are. We tell our stories.”

The band’s unique relationship at the core of it all, is between Lubitz and her brother, Jesse. She recounts growing up, being the shy one of the two, and her brother was always there encouraging her. This partnership allowed her to slowly gain confidence while gigging at various open mic nights.

As for the change in their partnership? “We generally write separately nowadays. We kinda grew out of sitting down and writing together.”

In the build-up to their Adelaide appearance, Lubitz is excited to be back more than anything.

“I love Adelaide. I love Adelaide people. You guys do festivals like no one else! Some great venues… The Grace Emily, The Wheatsheaf… I love those small venues. They are vital to the scene. You can’t just have arena shows.”

As for the new year looming, Lubitz is more than happy to stay on the road for as long as necessary.

“We signed with an agent from Canada. So we are keen to go back, after playing there with The Cat Empire not too long ago. I think we’re just going to keep playing and touring, and play some more festivals if we can.”

There is no doubt Lubitz and Tinpan Orange are set for bigger and better things, and these big changes in their lives have simply prepared them for the wave of work and attention they will be flooded with in the future. Of everything, what is most prevalent is the sheer joy Lubitz gets out of playing and making music.

When asked about her favourite, and least favourite aspect of being a musician, Lubitz is quick to reply – “The friends all over! …And I love playing! The waiting is definitely the hardest part”. Ending with a quote from David Crosby, “Airports, soundchecks, that’s what they pay me for. The music is free.”

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