FRINGE 2013 – Eddie Ifft – 2K

Eddie Ifft’s show is titled “Too Soon” but perhaps it would be better being renamed to “Too Far”. He takes the audience through a series of sex related jokes that go way beyond the “normal” comedic boundaries.

It is clear this show is targeted at young adult males and it was clear during the show, that was who it appealed to. Poking fun at some of the most serious news issues and turning them into sexual banter is something Eddie does well throughout the show, if you can laugh at it.

Admittedly there were a few parts of the show where he didn’t overstep the boundary and these were the best parts of the show, but they were few & far between.

If you’re into a highly rude, crude show (that probably should be classified as R rated comedy) then this is definitely the show for you. But if not, don’t go – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Kryztoff Rating    2K

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