FRINGE 2013 – Uta Uber Kool Ja – Richmond Hotel – 3.5K

By Peter Maddern

Poor Uta, for when her audience joins her for a party in her room at the Hotel Richmond she is somewhat dishevelled  as a result of no one turning up to the relaunch of her career at some dive on Hindley Street a few hours before.

From there, with the constant urgings of her stressed manager, George, Uta takes on various indulgences as the audience tries to gets comfortable and settled whether on the bed, couch or various plastic stools.

Her tales degenerate from her high times with celebrities to finally some home truths that peel away at her delusional persona, heavily based around her one ‘hit’ song that has been tragically remixed in a 21st century electro style.

This is all great fun as her party goers, one and all, get caught up in her story as they mingle and dash for a comfortable place to witness what at times is madness.

Uta is a very different kind of show and ideally presented for the Fringe – it is zany, self-indulgent and often very funny with some Dame Edna touches and moments that make you think of how silly stardom is and Mick Jagger looks trying to be a 20 year old at 65.

Come with a few under the belt, a taste for further champagne and a throat ready to yell ‘yes’ at any whim she or George may propel your way.

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