EVENT – Speak Up 2013 – 3 Aug


Musicians join forces to raise awareness about mental health

One in five people are affected by mental health issues

Speak Up is an event put together by local musicians to raise awareness about mental health on behalf of sufferers and their carers.

Event organiser and singer Kylena Vigus said:

‘Mental illness is still little understood by our community, although so many people suffer from these issues, and this affects many others, including families and friends. There is still a workplace stigma attached to these problems. In 2011, I lost three friends to suicide, and felt I really had to do something to put this issue on the agenda – something practical to help. Being a musician – an afternoon of music to raise funds and awareness seemed like one thing I could do.’

Speak Up is holding its third event, this year at The Soul Box, with four bands/musicians performing.

Kylena Vigus said:

‘This won’t be an afternoon of gloom, it will be a celebration of achievement and empowerment, as well as some very good music.’

The bands, Unnecessary Tension, SideFX, RAW Sugar and musician Chris Finnen will play originals and favorites, and the MC will be well known presenter Xavier Minniecon.

The event will be held on Saturday, the 3rd August, 2013 from 7:30pm – 11:30pm at The Soul Box, 252 Hindley St, ADELAIDE (The West End)

All proceeds will go to Grow SA Branch.  

Kylena Vigus said :

‘The main aim is to encourage those who suffer or are affected by mental illness, to not hide or suffer in silence. Too many lives are lost due to the stigma and public perception. Speak Up is not about education, but realisation that someone close to any one of us could be suffering in silence. ‘

Tickets are available through Kylena Vigus (0420 217 265) or facebook search: “Speak UP – A Community Awareness Event 2013”

More information and interviews: Kylena Vigus  (kylenavigus@hotmail.com) 08 8351 7934/0420 217 265)

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