FRINGE 2015: Amos Gill is Gillty – The Howling Owl – 3.5K

Having quickly ascended from Winner of SA Raw Comedy in 2012 to the dizzying heights of FM radio talk show host, Amos Gill still has a new performer’s unbridled enthusiasm, but coupled with the confidence and presence of a more experienced comedian.

His familiar style is instantly likeable, reminiscent of that one bizarre-storytelling mate everyone has, meaning he easily connects with the crowd. This amicability is augmented by the cosy atmosphere of the Howling Owl venue. While the content of his material spans the spectrum from lighthearted to cripplingly awkward and more than mildly disturbing, Gill’s anecdotes are all well timed and cleverly executed, delivering a lot of laughs and occasionally some intense cringes. This forms a show that is a eclectic mixture of self depreciation, astute social commentary and odd personal experiences that somehow all pulls itself together to be a really entertaining evening.

At some points the show could be tightened up, crossing the line from unscripted banter to slightly unfocussed. However Gill’s joviality and clear comfort in performing prevents this from being onerous, as he is able to keep the audience engaged and chuckling throughout.

Strangely relatable, Amos Gill is Gillty has widespread appeal and a genuinely enjoyable to watch.

Kryztoff Rating: 3.5K

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