FRINGE – #NOFILTER – Holden Street – 3K

By Peter Maddern

This production, featuring a talented band of young actors, emanated from a brief given to Urban Myth for a 2015 Fringe production. While Urban Myth came to a sad end, the initiative survived under Beans and Such banner and enjoyed a short run at the Holden Street Theatres.

The show as a series of skits based around the absurd ‘seflie’ phenomenon which shows no sign of abating (given one of the most popular gifts last Christmas season was an accessory to allow more distanced shots of one’s own beak) and the kids delivered all manner of takes on the craze. Indeed, if they too were the authors, they showed remarkable insights into the addiction that their age would very likely regard as a part of life.

Directed by Claire Glenn with pace and certainty given the age and experience of her players, #nofilter is a fun production with many useful insights on a modern day fancy that hopefully will soon have had its day.


Kryztoff Rating     3K

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