FRINGE THEATRE / COMEDY – Once Upon a Pop Star – Treasury Tunnels – 3.5K


Photo courtesy of Adelaide Fringe

Photo courtesy of Adelaide Fringe

Not for the cynic or the kazoo hater, “Once Upon a Pop Star” is one part comedy, one part pop concert, and one part theatre. The production revolves around Yolanda, an “eighteen and a half” year old aspiring pop star who is fond of sugar and prone to breaking into song. Engaging, delightful and quite funny, Yvonne McAulay’s debut shows promise and asks important questions – should we put a ring on everything we like? can we be our own heroes?

The main pitfalls of this performance were the set and a few weak moments in the script. Set in the Treasury Tunnels at Adina Apartment Hotel Adelaide, the aesthetics of the performance were minimal, and the array of props made the scene a bit chaotic and disorganized. In addition, the varying themes – from pop songs, to cultural references, to fairy tales – were not always seamlessly connected. That said, this show did a lot with very little, and any shaky moments were glossed over with quick-witted comedy.

Key features of the performance include a high volume of absurdist (and at times vulgar) humour, references to popular culture, and plenty of audience-cast interaction. Like your comedy meta and absurd, know Taylor Swift from Rhianna, and enjoy dancing in front of your seat? If so, this show is well worth your time. You’ll leave feeling inspired, if slightly irritated by the Kasey Chambers song stuck in your head.

Kryztoff Rating 3.5K

by Kai Niezgoda


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