FRINGE 2017: Neel Kolhatkar – #ObjectifyNeel – 4K

By Anthony Nguyen


At only 22 years of age, Sydney-based comedian, Neel Kolhatkar, is experienced in the comedy scene and has made a name on Youtube making comedic videos with over 350,000 subscribers. And so, Kolhatkar steps off the screen and onto the stage bringing his new comedy tour aptly titled #ObjectifyNeel to the 2017 Adelaide Fringe for two nights.

Kolhatkar unapologetically delivers irreverent and uncensored humour examining race, culture, and politics in Australia. Critiquing of the monotony of Australian television, obsessions with social media, and topped with a plethora of race-based jokes, Kolhatkar will leave you laughing uncomfortably in your seats.

Though there were awkward one on one interactions with the audience, Kolhatkar cleverly plays off the crowd’s response very humorously. Kolhatkar skillfully uses accents to deliver his jokes, adding to the crudeness and hilarity of the comedy. By entering in with a desensitized mind, you’ll truly enjoy Neel’s boundary-breaking comedy as he explores topics that will leave you questioning if he really just said that.

Situated at the Arkaba Hotel, Neel Kolhatkar had a short 2017 Adelaide Fringe run for two nights on the 17th and 18th of February. However as a rising entertainer, you can expect to see more of his comedy work on stage in the future and on his Youtube channel.

Kryztoff Rating: 4K

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