FRINGE: THEATRE – My Name is Saoirse – Noel Lothian Hall, Adelaide Botanic Garden – 4K

In My Name is Saoirse, the prose of writer/performer Eva O’Connor accomplishes that feat which Irish writers seem to do so well – a simple story is told with eloquence and honesty. The words create a detailed and intriguing depiction of the world in which Saoirse lives, both physically and inside her head. It’s a story of friendship and of family, of growing up, of feeling lost and of searching for something that will fix whatever it is that’s missing in your life.

O’Connor’s performance is excellent. It feels detached, but in a strangely appropriate way – as if Saoirse cannot fathom the story she is telling and can only recount it by distancing herself from the events she is describing. When she inhabits the other characters in the tale, particularly her best friend Siobhan, there is an instant shift in energy and power which provides a pleasing juxtaposition.

The direction of Hildegard Ryan uses the space and lighting well, providing variation in movement while not seeming repetitive or disingenuous, and clearly delineating the shifts in time imperative to the story. This is a polished production of an engaging tale, told with empathy and sincerity.

Kryztoff rating: 4K

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