Tinder Surprise – Goodwood Institute – 4.5K

Local productions can be hit-and-miss during the fringe season; especially when comedy is thrown into the mix. Luckily, the cast of Tinder Surprise hit all the right notes with excellent chemistry and comedic timing. The show is an interesting combination of theatre and sketch comedy, and follows Mike and Fiona as they wade through the muddy waters of online dating. The characters are quirky and the audience laughed knowingly at the caricatures of disastrous dates presented onstage.


While the plot surrounds the use of the popular dating app, surprisingly, the audience did not just consist of twenty-somethings. The show presents relatable situations that transcend generation – provided you’re old enough for sexual references, of course.


Tinder Surprise has evolved over the past few years from a slow-starting yet enjoyable production to a sold-out stage performance. There’s only one show left on March 5 at the Goodwood Institute. Book your tickets early or risk being turned away at the door!


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