FRINGE 2017 – Grossed Out Gameshow – The Speakeasy – 5K

It does not need rocket science to guess what this show is about… It’s quite straightforward, yet what’s in store can be very unexpected. Privileged enough to be the Team Captain in leading half of the house to a series of gameshows that allows the audience to be part of the games rather than just mere spectators.

The games are not too complicated to comprehend but challenging enough for the team captains and even the children who dare to take on the challenges. Truly a wonderful experience, even for the parents as it simply just brings out the child in you. It is essentially entertainment taking focus on the playfulness of being young. The interactions are part of the show itself and chuckles are very common throughout.

The Game Master communicates compellingly and engages effectively to the audience with the humour just on the right level. His natural knack and wits tickle the funny bone. Assistants are well-organised and provide a sense of safety in the outrageous challenges. Most of all, the Team Captains can go all out and bring to the show the sense of competition which seems to be prevalent from the youngsters; they also have to work hard to win. Even though I was able to represent Kryztoff with a victory I still didn’t escape the slimy shower.

A highly entertaining and interactive program for the family. Brings out the excitement from the kids and a very good way for them to burn off all that sugar!

Slimed Up with Comedian Matthew Giffen and Gameshow Assistants

Kryztoff Rating: 5K

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