FRINGE CABARET – Anya Anastasia – Rogue Romantic – 4K

static1.squarespace.comBy Peter Maddern

I well recall the first time I saw Anya perform; at Nexus but was it as many as seven years ago? I was immediately captivated by her antics, it was so quintessentially the Fringe (as it then was anyways) that I gave her 5Ks. And so it was as somewhat of a rusted on fan I witnessed her latest indulgence, Rogue Romantic, in a tent at the RCC that seemed taller than its base was wide.

As her style and persona have matured so Anya has now made herself the front and centre and only object of the show – gone are Bones and various other freaks that graced us previously. But with us still are her atonal vocals, her at times delirious lyrics, her self-loathing, loved starved grief and, of course, her beauty. With that maturation has also come a more confident humour that now resembles the wit and timing of the Barry Humphries tutored Meow Meow (but to be sure, Ms Anastasia is no mimic.)

In short, Rogue Romantic, like her previous shows, is a delight of humour and song, verve and velvet. It warms as it rumbles you inside. As the Fringe loses its character and we have to ship in whats their names as Fringe ambassadors, Anya more than ever shines as what the Fringe was and should be. More than that, her longevity really makes her our Fringe Queen; a celebration of everything an hour of home grown cabaret ought to be, one who deserves more recognition than she gets.

Enjoy your indulgence in hers.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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