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CABARET FESTIVAL: My Vagabond Boat – Banquet Room – 3.5K

Three highly talented Australian cabaret artists, Rowan Witt, Gillian Cosgriff and Nigel Ubrihien, have come together with fellow writer Stephen Anderson, under the direction of Andrew Ross, to bring the world premiere of My Vagabond Boat, to Adelaide audiences, this Cabaret Festival. Opening with a delightful mash-up of songs relating to “rocking”, the scene is …

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FESTIVAL – Girl Asleep – The Space, AFC

In Windmill Theatre’s Girl Asleep, we meet Greta (Ellen Steele), a teenage girl who has just moved house for the umpteenth time because of her Dad’s (Matthew Whittet) job and is struggling to work out where she fits in: in her family, in her new school, in the world in general. Greta’s a fairly quiet …

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OzAsia – SuperEverything – Space Theatre – 4K

One of the highlights of this 2013’s OzAsia Festival is this performance by UK’s pioneering audio-visual artists The Light Surgeons, who have masterfully fused their art with Malaysian artists and musicians Chor Guan, Hands Percussion and Rhythm in Bronze to perform SuperEverything. This live audio-visual performance exploded across Space Theatre’s stage to sift through the …

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OzAsia – Meeting with Bodhisattva – Her Majesty’s Theatre – 3.5K

Adelaide’s annual OzAsia Festival opened on the night of the 13th with Meeting with Bodhisattva at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Officially opened by Hon. Chloe Fox, MP. Meeting with Bodhisattva expresses a journey of a man facing his fears as he enters unknown territories; a journey from questioning everything to accepting anything that happens to him …

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SALA – Visions for Now – Buchanan, Matson and Minuzzo – Artspace – 4K

This is an excellent exhibition with Bridgette Minuzzo’s creativity well worth the visit alone. 4K

CABARET: Tripod – Men of Substance – Banquet Room – 4K

Adult is not usually one of the words you’d choose to use to describe Tripod. However, that’s what their latest show, Men of Substance, centres on – what awaits when you leave your youth behind and become “an adult”. Of course, getting older doesn’t necessarily mean that you get more mature, as illustrated perfectly by …

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CABARET – The Suitcase Royale: The Ballad of Backbone Joe – Space Theatre – 4K

This is guaranteed to be different to anything else on offer during the Cabaret Festival – and kudos should go to the programmers for having the vision to include it in the line-up. The Suitcase Royale once again present an enchanting evening of eccentric entertainment. 4K

Riverdance – Festival Theatre until May 20 – 5K

Definitely a must see for the whole family, Riverdance is full of energy and Irish happiness. Beware some new young dancers may be discovered during the interval of this 2 hour performance. 5K

RAW: OzAsia Festival – Shugo Tokumaru – Space Theatre – 4K

“Quirky pop” is probably the closest you’ll get to summarising the sound of Shugo Tokumaru. We heard pieces akin to mamba, 60s Brit-pop, 80s love ballads, and even a good ol’ country hoe-down. The crown went away invigorated and impressed. 4K

RAW: Cabaret Festival – Tuba Skinny – Banquet Room – 4.5K

Tuba Skinny create music reminiscent of the speakeasies and jazz clubs of 1920s America. Hailing from New Orleans, they are fresh faced but old souled, injecting heart into the music they play. 4.5K