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CABARET – The Suitcase Royale: The Ballad of Backbone Joe – Space Theatre – 4K

This is guaranteed to be different to anything else on offer during the Cabaret Festival – and kudos should go to the programmers for having the vision to include it in the line-up. The Suitcase Royale once again present an enchanting evening of eccentric entertainment. 4K

Cabaret Festival – Lady Nerd – 4K

Keira Daley’s acting skills shine through to compliment her strong feminist voice, topping off a few songs with some love, laptop and physics. In a slinky black dress, with dancing eyebrows, you will be sitting on the edge of your seat with her wit ensuring the entertainment never lets up. 4K

CABARET: Clare Bowditch – Space Theatre, Festival Centre – 4K

Bowditch gave a performance which was engaging, cheeky, a bit sultry and very natural. The closing song You Make Me Happy, pretty much summed up the show, with audience members leaving with massive smiles on their faces and a positive buzz to take them into the rest of the evening. 4K

RAW: Ceberano Announces Bromley Role In Adel Cabaret Fest.

In a Festival first, Adelaide Cabaret Festival Artistic Director Kate Ceberano has secured internationally acclaimed artist David Bromley as Cabaret Festival Designer.

RAW: Cabaret Festival – Michael Feinstein Sings Sinatra – 5K

Just the consummate performer and performance and one of the highlights of the festival, far surpassing how it opened with ONJ. 5K

RAW: Cabaret Festival – An Evening With Jimmy Web – 2.5K

Been there, done that. 2.5K

RAW: Cabaret Festival – The Jitterbug Club – 3K

The Hoodoo Emporium’s Jitterbug Club is like a late-night underground 1930s jazz club in New York. It’s cheeky and kitsch.

RAW: Cabaret Festival – Amy Housewine: Back to Crack – Banquet Room – 4K

Just how many songs changed to be about drugs can be funny in a row? Performer Lisa Adam, and co-writer Trevor Ashley, have structured the evening well to ensure this doesn’t get old. Adam has a wonderful voice, certainly matching the vocal talents of the lady that is her inspiration. 4K

RAW: Cabaret Festival – Josie In The Bathhouse – 2.5K

Men in towels. There really are worse sights to see on a freezing Adelaide winter Friday night. 2.5K

RAW: Cabaret Festival – Freeway – The Chet Baker Journey – 4K

This is top flight cabaret, not without risk to present a tribute in such a mirrored way for both Draxl and McNelis but both succeed admirably.