Cabaret Festival – Lady Nerd – 4K

By Fiona Gardner

As the Festival Centre is alive with the 2012 Cabaret Festival, you will enter the Dunstan Playhouse building with the carnival atmosphere, hot wine and entertainment all round. LadyNerd is tucked up in the Artspace, entrance via the Space Theatre.

There, LadyNerd has a large space to fill, but Keira Daley as somewhat of an extraverted performer will definitely be able to keep you engaged with her tales of some extraordinary women of the past. As Daley expands upon the entrepreneur skills that women have achieved, there is a touch of the feminist revolution interwoven in her story. Along with clever witty comments and even a bit of crowd participation, this LadyNerd is not only a geek, she is slightly OCD in anything that could be of interest.

Keira Daley’s acting skills shine through to compliment her strong feminist voice, topping off a few songs with some love, laptop and physics. In a slinky black dress, with dancing eyebrows, you will be sitting on the edge of your seat with her wit ensuring the entertainment never lets up.

Kryztoff Rating    4K

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