Tag: Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2013

Jun 28

CABARET FEST – Hans Like A German – 5K

Hats off to Hans! 5K

Jun 23

CABARET FESTIVAL – Kate Ceberano & Teddy Tahu Rhodes – 4.5K

A capacity Festival Theatre came ready to enjoy themselves and they were not disappointed. 4.5K

Jun 23

CABARET FESTIVAL – Brian Cadd & Russell Morris – 4K

Cadd and Morris have unique and extremely identifiable voices and they have still got it, in spades. 4K

Jun 22

CABARET FESTIVAL – Compositions – Tyran Parke – 3K

Compositions – A Musical Close-Up is Tyran’s attempt in the form of musical theatre to link music and images through the commissioned works of a variety of song writers, including some very famous names. 3K

Jun 21

CABARET FESTIVAL: Martha Wainwright – Come Home to Mama – Dunstan Playhouse – 3.5K

This is one of those shows that prompts you to question just how wide the definition of “cabaret” can be. With the full band behind her, it seemed a little odd to be sitting in the surrounds of a theatre for a show that felt like it would go off in a pub. 3.5K

Jun 20

CABARET FESTIVAL – Paul McDermott – The Dark Garden – Festival Theatre Stage – 3.5K

The songs are pleasing, in a beautiful, sorrowful, cathartic way. Musically, the four piece band (lead by Stu Hunter) and string quartet compliment McDermott’s voice and the arrangements are satisfying. 3.5K

Jun 16


Fans of traditional cabaret may not know whether to laugh or cry as Meow Meow, clad only in her underwear takes to classic Weimar and New York table entertainment with sword and satire. 5K

Jun 16

CABARET FESTIVAL: Virginia Gay – Songs to Self-Destruct to – 5K

This is a superb vehicle for Gay to show off her considerable musical and comedic talent and she provided a highly enjoyable hour of entertainment. 5K

Jun 14

CABARET FESTIVAL: You, Me & the Bloody Sea – Space Theatre – 4K

While it still needs to be cut back and tightened in terms of the narrative and set list, the actual words, music and performances are all top quality and it’s a highly enjoyable show. 4K

Jun 13

CABARET FESTIVAL – Cassandra Wilson – 2K

Wow, what a disappointment! 2K