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FRINGE 2013 – The Saints of British Rock – 3.5K

It is doubtful that any production will rival the film, Spinal Tap, as the greatest rock’n’roll spoof of all time but the Saints of British Rock provide great fun in having a go. All great fun and older Fringe goers will find plenty to enjoy. 3.5K

FRINGE 2013: Music – Suicide Songs for the Ukulele – Grace Emily Hotel – 4K

High above a rather cramped looking stage at the Grace Emily, a ukulele hangs in a noose. It’s an oddly beautiful sight and that feeling reflects the content of the show to come. The clue is in the title really: this is an evening of tunes that are about suicide – or aren’t actually about …

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FRINGE 2013 – I Wish I was Him – A Ben Lee Tribute – Palky et al – Star Theatres – 3K

Good fun for 90 mins, better fun for Lee aficionados, best fun for Ben. 3K

The Magnets – Garden – 4.5K

The Magnets: Homegrown stopped nothing short of being a must-see show at the Adelaide Fringe this year. There was no doubt that very few showgoers were disappointed with the show, as the quality was of high standard and well worth the ticketing price. 4.5K