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Mar 14

FRINGE 2015 – 17th Over the Fence Comedy Film Festival – Palace Nova Cinemas – 4.5K

By Olivia Henry Sit down and be prepared to take a ride through the imaginations of 12 of the world’s best independent filmmakers. Although there is no set subject, it is said that entrants often seem to follow similar trends. This year, all films follow the theme of “love, angst and other deceptions.” Following the …

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Jan 08

RAW: Film – Sarah’s Key – 4K

‘Sarah’s Key’ highlights an important event in French history. The power of the film comes from it cutting through the sterile view one may have of the past, by showing the personal impact of this notorious event – both at the time and in the future. 4K

Jan 08

RAW: Film – Heartbreaker – 4K

With strong performances from the leading cast and spot-on characterisations all round, the overall feeling is one of great fun. When it comes to romantic comedies, the French could certainly teach everyone else a thing or two.