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Apr 18


Image by Brett Boardman

Machu Picchu embraces a subject matter and contains well researched, personal writing that deserved a more candid approach than the dash for laughs presented here.

Mar 02

FESTIVAL OF ARTS – The Ham Funeral – Odeon – 4.5K

Staging The Ham Funeral can be rightly regarded as a risk production, hence totally suited for the Adelaide Festival but despite the mysteries of the meaning of it all, no theatre goer should be deterred by that potemtial from attending for The Ham Funeral is great entertainment, superbly presented and dominated by Bruce in a stand out performance. 4.5K

Sep 16

RAW: Buried Child – STC – Til 2nd Oct

The State Theatre Company never fails to make an impression, and they’ve struck a chord once again with Sam Shepard’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Buried Child.

Jul 07

RAW: Speaking In Tongues – 4.5K

The potential for human folly, for the search for something beyond what is more than adequate is well explored in Andrew Bovell’s 1996 classic Speaking In Tongues now brilliantly revived and presented by the State Theatre Company. 4.5K

Jun 01

RAW: The Zoo Story – Space – Til 4th June – 4K

This is a simple play – one act, one lazing set and two players – but it conveys a myriad of meanings and issues that broach social class and taboos, the contented and safe pretences and hubris of the gainfully and well rewarded employed the those who struggle day by day.

May 20

RAW: SA Arts In Decay – In Conversation With Fenella Kernebone

Last night’s terrific In Conversation With hosted by Fenella Kernebone to a mostly full Space Theatre did more than just look at the issue of whether arts bodies could act collaboratively rather than competitively when seeking audiences. Indeed it laid bare the decay of the arts in this state, at every level from facilities to mojo, from tourism support to our status as the nation’s leader and innovator in the sector.

Apr 21

RAW: Kryztoff April Edition Is Now Out

Kryztoff’s April Edition is Now Posted. Check out profiles on Alex Grey, Bob King, STC Season, Rachel Sanderson, Chasing Nel and Cameo, along with Adelaide’s portrait images from Mad March.

Feb 08

RAW: State Theatre Co Calls For All Young Playwrights

Calling young playwrights…we need you!

Submissions are now open for State Theatre Company’s 2011 Young Playwrights Award.

Aug 13

RAW: Romeo & Juliet – Playhouse – Till 29th Aug – 4K

The State Theatre Company has put together an interesting, intelligent and thoroughly entertaining modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet that follows its own path and much independence as a result. A lot of people would feel less inclined to see this famous play if they’ve seen it (or even one of the film versions) before, but they’ve created something unique in itself and definitely worth experiencing. 4K