Tag: Will Cox

THEATRE – Brideshead Revisited – Independent Theatre – Goodwood Institute – 3.5K

As always ambitious, but with Rob Croser and Will Cox at the helm off and on stage respectively, IT once again delivers commendable theatre. 3.5K

THEATRE – Ross – Independent Theatre – The Space – 3.5K

Ross is an ambitious production from Adelaide premier theatre group that perhaps indicates that there are limits to what even this team can deliver with its usual high grade impact. 3.5K

THEATRE – The Matchmaker – Independent Theatre Co. – Goodwood Institute – 5K

This is the finest production I have witnessed by Rob Croser’s Independent Theatre team. It sparkles with wit and warmth right from the opening. 5K

THEATRE – The Great Gatsby – The Space – 4.5K

Rob Croser’s Independent Theatre delivers a pearl in their ambitious adaptation of this iconic work led from the front by superb Will Cox as Nick Carraway. 4.5K