Being 20 in the Twenties when Gershwin was at his best was, as Hemingway suggested, great luck. The Montalvo-Hervieu Company of France took us back there with a stunning and delightful exhibition of energy and grace. This show was greatly enhanced by the stage configuration of dance floor, shanty shed (permitting roof top solos) and a massive video backdrop. The video work was highly complex with many under water scenes, a large sandcastle, the board walk over a threatening sea and a monoshrome slum scene that transformed into colour and activity character by character. The ability of this to share and not dominate the whole stage was terrific and in this era of multi media or layered performances, this was as good as it gets.

All Gershwin’s most enjoyed pieces were there and the pace was kept frenetic and rivetting with the large ensemble of 15 delighting with their dance, emotion and humour.

A great show.

Kryztoff Rating   4.5K