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RAW Mother Africa @ Her Majesty’s until 15 Aug 5K

Mother Africa opened at Her Majesty’s Theatre Wednesday night to a full house with the crew just returning from a two week break after having performed at Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast for 4 months.  Adelaide is the second Australian stop for Mother Africa, performing until the 15 August, before moving on to New Zealand.

From the start to finish, what calls itself a circus is what I would rather label a journey of energy as it goes way beyond circus. So, from start to finish it is a two way performance between the artists and audience. The energy on stage is reflected by the energy of the crowd’s response.  It is a pleasure, a joy to be part of this electrifying experience. The energetic, enjoyable, entertaining and enthralling show takes us on a journey of music, traditional dance and powerful acrobatics with a mixture of mesmerizing colour of the traditional looking costumes.

The world touring show which promotes itself as 100% African, 100% Joy and 100% Party. I must say I 100% agree. It is a party of music, dance and acrobatics. And it is a joy to see the artists enjoying themselves while doing their performance and soaking up the audience’s joyful response. The 40 artists are 100% African, from many different countries of the second-largest continent such as Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and South Africa. Let me add 100% energy and 100% entertainment.

Thank you Mother Africa. Not often that I would give a full 5K, but this must see show deserves it. With ticket prices starting at $59.90 for adults there is no excuse to miss Mother Africa.

Kryztoff Rating  5K


RAW: Pony Club @ Tuxedo Cat

What is the Pony Club?

Pony Club is a gig run by the incredible Hannah Gadsby in which a bunch of comedians run amuck for an hour of improvisation, singing, dancing, stand-up and impressions. Like a kind of wheels-fell-off theatre sports, this show had the audience literally crying with laughter.

Check out the final Pony Club line-up: Hannah Gadsby, Adam Hills, Amelia Jane Hunter, Damian Callinan, Deanne Smith, David Smiedt, Dave Bloustien, and Rebecca De Unamuno! All in the one improv show! All of these comedians were at the top of their game, revelling in this fantastic opportunity to just be silly.

For a great night out, make sure you catch a Pony Club at the next Fringe and please give a generous donation at the door. Pony Club – mad bang for your buck. Late night comedy at its finest!

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

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RAW: Rhumboogie – You got to learn to…

Rhumboogie – strange name, incredible music.

Without so much as an introduction, Rhumboogie explode out of the gates at a frightening pace and don’t let up for a good hour and a half.

It’s a known fact that, like cheese, blues musicians get better with age*. These four performers are about as polished a blues act as you are likely to see, each musician having an absolute command of their instrument in an almost prodigious way. From bass line driven numbers that thunder along at breakneck speed, to slow soulful tunes, these cool cats are entertaining to the end. Put simply, these four guys are doing what they were born to do, and it’s an absolute pleasure to watch.

These guys play for 90 minutes, not 180 as advertised. You do, however get a rockin’ 94 minute double album free with your ticket, which makes this show an absolute bargain!

Highly recommended.

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

* Kryztoff cannot be held legally responsible for any sickness that may occur from eating old cheese. Always check the expiry date.

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Raw – True West – Adelaide Centre For The Arts

Flying Penguin’s True West is high calibre theatre superbly acted and produced by this emerging Adelaide theatre company. Sam Shepard’s play is about two brothers, two very different brothers, confronting each other’s strengths and weaknesses and exposing their sibling rivalries and jealousies. Other than for a few interventions, it is just two characters battling it out on stage to prove themselves to each other and themselves. Renato Musolino as Austin and Nick Garsden as Lee command the set as much as they attempt to do the other. Garsden in particular pulls off a very difficult character brilliantly belying a significant period away from the stage before this part.

Of particular interest were the trashing of the stage and props (some poor body’s lot to restore each night) and the way the scene changes allowed the audience to almost participate in the shifts easing us all into the next part without having to unpack so many clues. That effectively just 2 actors could make nearly two hours so gripping is testament to both story and cast.

Theatre worthy of the Festival. Go see.

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

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RAW: Lady Carol @ Bosco Theatre, GoUD

The Lady with step in her voice, Lady Carol presented a phenomenal performance.

Last year, we were introduced to her unique yodelling vocals during the nightly variety show, A Company of Strangers. It’s such a treat to see Lady Carol in all her finery for a full hour solo show… well, almost. Her ukelele is never far from her lap, and she ‘decorates’ the stage with a decent drum kit and electronic keys. The manly musicians are enthusiastic, but naturally Lady Carol retains the spotlight.

Lady Carol is also appears comfortable on stage: she engages the crowd well with her self-deprecating wit and amusing anecdotes.

A must-see show, see Lady Carol belt out her favourites, including Radiohead’s Creep, as well as a few originals.

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

RAW: Paul Dougherty and his Band – La Boheme

Recently returned from a year studying in Boston, Paul Dougherty showed a small but appreciative audience the benefit of his time away with an engrossing display at the quaint La Boheme last Thursday night. Dougherty with two strings to his bow as both a bass player and vocalist played an array of music – much his own but supported by the likes Bill Withers – complemented by equally varied lyrical topics including the opening five song homage to Amelia Earhart based in turn on a song by Joni Mitchell.

Paul was well supported by Daniel Brunner on key boards (and also a composer for the evening) and Chris Neale on drums while out of the direct light but a wonderful accompaniment to Dougherty’s voice and compositions was young Dan Clohesy on sax.

Dougherty showed great confidence and maturity in not only his own abilities but also the program he chose. While jazz of this type can suffer for composers who can’t sing, Dougherty’s smooth hedgehog brownie type voice added extra dimension and enjoyment. His Ain’t No Sunshine cover perhaps best highlighted his talents vocally as well his capacity to interpret as well as innovate.

Find the time to track him down when next he plays.

Kryztoff Rating – 4K

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RAW: Sound & Fury’s Private Dick

Talented theatrical trio Richard, Shelby and Jonathan are Sound & Fury, dedicated to parody.

Playing with ‘film noir’ conventions, it’s clear these guys know the meaning of fun. Occasionally singing, dancing, improvising, breaking down the “fourth wall” and/or breaking character, these three enthrall their audience.

Private Dick, which in essence is the sixty solid minutes of dirty double entendres, also features cross-dressing dames and nonsensical names.

If you find your mind is already in the gutter, get to this show at Le Cascadeur before 28 Feb. If not, let Sound & Fury drag you there… you won’t regret it! ;)

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

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RAW: The Wheel of Frank Confession @ Arcade Lane

The Wheel of Frank Confession is a unique showcase of 4 talented Australian songwriters. Starring Emily Davis, Emma Dean, Brendan Maclean and Ben Stewart this is a simple, but effective concept. The audience spins “Frank” the wheel, whose choice of emotions decides the set list for the show – Then the performers share a related song/confession. The performers strike a wonderful balance between funny, cute, meaningful, emotional and charismatic.

This show is heaps of fun. The performers are talented, the songs well crafted and the space a rough, but lovely sounding room. The only thing missing – is more people! Would love to see this performed in front of bigger crowds with more room for audience participation.

A great opportunity to get something off your chest, make sure you come prepared with a good confession! You might just get the chance to share it (anonymously!) with the world! Get out there and support these 4 great performers!

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5 K

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RAW: Lindsay Webb – Hurry Up Jesus

So wasn’t sure what to expect from this show, was it going to be a bible bash to the head or a guy just waiting on stage for the J man.

Lucky for me it was neither. Lindsay Webb essentially picked up the bible (and all things religious) and poked hole after hole in it. Sure it’s an insensitive show if you are a devoted Christian (esp. Catholic or Mormon), but for those of us going to the heathen already, it’s a great laugh.

Engaging, Lindsay pushes the boundaries of religion, but actively gauges our response and never steps the line.

Genuinely funny, Lindsay managed to keep it to an hour – he’s the Guinness World Record Holder for Longest Stand Up Show by an Individual at a cool 38hrs & 6min! Lucky he’s funny, else that would have been torture for the audience. :P

>> Catch Hurry Up Jesus at the Maid, just out of the city at Magill & Payneham Roads, before 14th March to catch this funny fella!

Kryztoff Rating: 4K
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RAW: Circus Trick Tease @ The Ringbox (GoUD)

A hilariously entertaining hour by a crew of three acrobats as they clown around on stage with some impressive tricks, a lot of teasing, a bit of a jive, some clumsiness, some jealousy, some rivalry, a lot of flirting and not just one tantrum. Meet a sensitive new age strongman and Miss Tinkle who are constantly at each other trying to steal the limelight and a clown who’s show is overshadowed, literally, by backstage shenanigans. The audience appreciated the energy of this unique circus’s crew and the acrobatics performed with skill and strength and plenty of humor.

Kryztoff Rating: 4 K
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