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RAW: SALA – Bill Botten’s Abstract Paintings – The Maid – 4K

Since first exhibiting five years ago, Bill Botten’s work continues to develop with particular emphasis on single subjects or styles within his genre of artworks with that reflective mood. Even within this relatively small collection of 15 some major themes along these lines are explored. I shall mention three.

Some of Botten’s canvasses are now quite substantial, Field Hospital at over 3m in width and Flag of Unknown Country are examples but none of his ability to create an almost floating balance on them, a hall mark of his work, is lost. Then there is an increased intensity to much of his brushwork and motifs since his early days – multiple joined black circles or circular shapes dominate in this collection (eg Army of Country of Unknown Flag) while the concept of nationhood is fully explored in five pieces including Immigration Staten Island (above), almost a homage to Blue Poles or Pollacks’ works generally and (the aforementioned) Flag of Unknown Country which tempts immediate recognition before causing one to recoil to ponder its lineage.

While many exhibitions have works that sit on walls making no impact on their exhibiting space, at least two of Botten’s pieces work a treat in situ in their cosy, fire lit, secluded portions of The Maid – owners, take note, they may be a bonus acquisition for your establishment.

Finally, one of Bill’s most endearing qualities is to provide titles to his works that rather than being a self indulgence most clearly add to interpretation and identification of the subject matter which for abstract work is a rarity if not a novelty. More please.

Kryztoff Rating   4K

RAW: Lindsay Webb – Hurry Up Jesus

So wasn’t sure what to expect from this show, was it going to be a bible bash to the head or a guy just waiting on stage for the J man.

Lucky for me it was neither. Lindsay Webb essentially picked up the bible (and all things religious) and poked hole after hole in it. Sure it’s an insensitive show if you are a devoted Christian (esp. Catholic or Mormon), but for those of us going to the heathen already, it’s a great laugh.

Engaging, Lindsay pushes the boundaries of religion, but actively gauges our response and never steps the line.

Genuinely funny, Lindsay managed to keep it to an hour – he’s the Guinness World Record Holder for Longest Stand Up Show by an Individual at a cool 38hrs & 6min! Lucky he’s funny, else that would have been torture for the audience. :P

>> Catch Hurry Up Jesus at the Maid, just out of the city at Magill & Payneham Roads, before 14th March to catch this funny fella!

Kryztoff Rating: 4K
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