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RAW: I Need Your Love

Contemporary dancers from The Melbourne Dance Theatre performed a lovely piece at the hot Fringe venue Arcade Lane. The dancers conveyed all things associated with love: loneliness, sadness, vulnerability, beauty, abuse, violence and passion.

The versatility and flexibility of the troupe of 9 ensures that these messages are resoundingly clear, even to the uninitiated. Also expect beautiful balance poses and some spectacular dives to some world music – not a single English word.

Lighting cues were occasionally slightly amiss. The audio was sometimes mingled with sounds from outside the Theatre and occasionally distorted. However, the dancers drew the focus away from these shortcomings rather successfully.

Only on until Sunday 28th February, the troupe from the Melbourne Dance Theatre are well worth checking out.

Kryztoff Rating: 3.5K

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RAW: The Wheel of Frank Confession @ Arcade Lane

The Wheel of Frank Confession is a unique showcase of 4 talented Australian songwriters. Starring Emily Davis, Emma Dean, Brendan Maclean and Ben Stewart this is a simple, but effective concept. The audience spins “Frank” the wheel, whose choice of emotions decides the set list for the show – Then the performers share a related song/confession. The performers strike a wonderful balance between funny, cute, meaningful, emotional and charismatic.

This show is heaps of fun. The performers are talented, the songs well crafted and the space a rough, but lovely sounding room. The only thing missing – is more people! Would love to see this performed in front of bigger crowds with more room for audience participation.

A great opportunity to get something off your chest, make sure you come prepared with a good confession! You might just get the chance to share it (anonymously!) with the world! Get out there and support these 4 great performers!

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5 K

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