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RAW Mother Africa @ Her Majesty’s until 15 Aug 5K

Mother Africa opened at Her Majesty’s Theatre Wednesday night to a full house with the crew just returning from a two week break after having performed at Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast for 4 months.  Adelaide is the second Australian stop for Mother Africa, performing until the 15 August, before moving on to New Zealand.

From the start to finish, what calls itself a circus is what I would rather label a journey of energy as it goes way beyond circus. So, from start to finish it is a two way performance between the artists and audience. The energy on stage is reflected by the energy of the crowd’s response.  It is a pleasure, a joy to be part of this electrifying experience. The energetic, enjoyable, entertaining and enthralling show takes us on a journey of music, traditional dance and powerful acrobatics with a mixture of mesmerizing colour of the traditional looking costumes.

The world touring show which promotes itself as 100% African, 100% Joy and 100% Party. I must say I 100% agree. It is a party of music, dance and acrobatics. And it is a joy to see the artists enjoying themselves while doing their performance and soaking up the audience’s joyful response. The 40 artists are 100% African, from many different countries of the second-largest continent such as Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and South Africa. Let me add 100% energy and 100% entertainment.

Thank you Mother Africa. Not often that I would give a full 5K, but this must see show deserves it. With ticket prices starting at $59.90 for adults there is no excuse to miss Mother Africa.

Kryztoff Rating  5K

RAW: Circus Oz – Barely Contained

Circus Oz was all the delight it promised to be. Fast paced acrobatics, innovative routines, multi-talented performers that together were both awe inspiring and immensely entertaining for all ages. In the air-conditioned big top on the Parade Grounds, local girl, Eli Green, as Vanessa, hosted the show and led the dominant female contingent. The by-play between circus strong woman, Mel Fyfe and diminutive Emma Hawkins was great fun that continued all show. If anything the first half is more compelling than the second but opinions may well be divided on this.

A show such as this naturally draws comparison with Circus Soleil. This is a much simpler show that loses nothing for not having the glitz of the other troupe. It is perhaps its more egalitarian approach to performing that not only stamps it generally but also as a truly Australian production. Simple everyday objects for props (glass bottles, wooden chairs, a toaster) and a consistent and effective intermingling of audience and performers makes the show very welcoming.

Great entertainment and it is also great to have Circus Oz back in town for this year’s Festival.

Kryztoff Rating 4.5K

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RAW: Food For Thought @ The Birdcage

A trio of elegant acrobats grace the stage at The Birdcage. Starting with an a cappella version of Que Sera Sera, a housewife (albeit balancing on a trapeze) ices a number of cupcakes to share with her girlfriend (on another trapeze). The hungry butler arrives on stilts, to serve these cakes. From then on, a battle rages between the two mistresses and the butler over cupcakes, cabbage, and much much more.

The girls present half an hour of fantastic gymnastics, breathtaking feats of balance and fluid motions – save your applause to the end.

Definitely worth a walk to the Birdcage, on Victoria Drive, opposite the Torrens Parade Ground, aka The Big Top.

Kryztoff Rating: 3.5K

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RAW: Denim @ The Birdcage

Denim is one of those beautifully awkward performances for those unintiated to dance. Why awkward? Because you want to clap, cheer and gasp in awe, but you can’t do so without ruining the mood and flow of this well crafted acrobatic\dance piece. Sit back and just enjoy the human body performing some powerful feats. Then make sure you cheer and clap like nuts at the end. Well done to all involved.

Kryztoff Rating: 4 K
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