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RAW: Lady Carol @ Bosco Theatre, GoUD

The Lady with step in her voice, Lady Carol presented a phenomenal performance.

Last year, we were introduced to her unique yodelling vocals during the nightly variety show, A Company of Strangers. It’s such a treat to see Lady Carol in all her finery for a full hour solo show… well, almost. Her ukelele is never far from her lap, and she ‘decorates’ the stage with a decent drum kit and electronic keys. The manly musicians are enthusiastic, but naturally Lady Carol retains the spotlight.

Lady Carol is also appears comfortable on stage: she engages the crowd well with her self-deprecating wit and amusing anecdotes.

A must-see show, see Lady Carol belt out her favourites, including Radiohead’s Creep, as well as a few originals.

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

RAW: Sam Simmons- Fail

Sam Simmons is an oddball.

Original, nostalgic and random are words that describe his fringe show Fail. The show jumps around with Sam dancing one minute and reading a story from a Heinmann Atlas the next.

The show is slightly autobiographical and fans of Simmons will be able to recognise his ‘where did that come from?!’ humour. However, those not familiar with Sam’s work on Triple J and ABC may become a little confused.  

The show features one very attractive cabbage, vintage slides and lists of things Sam has failed at.  Audiences are even able to leave the show with ideas on how to cure boredom, such as inner mind quiz shows and one very special game titled ‘carpet or floor.’ If you find Sam Simmons’ other work hilarious, then you’ll love this hour long show.

Kryztoff Rating: 4K

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RAW: The Grimstones @ The Bosco Theatre

In terms of puppetry, set construction and staging The Grimstones is a great feat. The puppets look great and it’s amazing how these performers can bring such life to these characters through their strings. It’s great to see this performance staged with sign language and narrator on hand to translate. It’s a cute show though it does have some pacing issues and the speaking narrator could have a stronger on stage persona, but it’s particularly worth sticking around for the Q+A session afterward to ask the show’s creator and signing narrator how she put together the whole show.

If you’re there for the story you might find that it drags. However I would happily take my mum along (She loves this kind of stuff!)

Kryztoff Rating: 3 K

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