While Dita Von Teese, Has one hell of a pout,

My lips, while modest, Are kissable, no doubt!

And yes, the green fairy, Has a great pair of wings,

But, although I can’t fly, I can do other things!

And I know Lady Marmalade can dance,

And striptease and much more,

If I ever went to the Moulin Rouge,

I’m sure I too could work its floor!

And, no, I’m no fire breather, No contortionist, I’m sorry,

But I know a trick or two, I assure you, don’t worry!

So as you can see, At the Burlesque Ball I belong,

I’ve no doubt that the Ball will beat the hell out of this song!

Written by Kelly Angus, Kryztoff WInner for the Burlesque Ball

Burlesque Ball

Kicking On at the Burlesque Ball

Kelly was not wrong – the Burlesque Ball was kicking! Most attendees really got into the spirit of things, dressing up (or down, as the case may be) in some spectacular outfits! (For more pics, click here)

New York headliner Julie Atlas Muz performed her famous balloon trick, while MC Ophelia Bitz kept the crowds stirred right up!

Sure, most of the acts could be boiled down to an extended exotic ‘legitimate’ striptease, but it was so much more… The grandeur of the Adelaide Town Hall, the perfect venue for the Ball, must of course be preserved -presumably, that’s why there was no fire nor silks.

So much more than a show, it’s the atmosphere that will draw Kryztoff back…

Kryztoff Rating: 4K

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