RAW: Rhumboogie – You got to learn to…

Rhumboogie – strange name, incredible music.

Without so much as an introduction, Rhumboogie explode out of the gates at a frightening pace and don’t let up for a good hour and a half.

It’s a known fact that, like cheese, blues musicians get better with age*. These four performers are about as polished a blues act as you are likely to see, each musician having an absolute command of their instrument in an almost prodigious way. From bass line driven numbers that thunder along at breakneck speed, to slow soulful tunes, these cool cats are entertaining to the end. Put simply, these four guys are doing what they were born to do, and it’s an absolute pleasure to watch.

These guys play for 90 minutes, not 180 as advertised. You do, however get a rockin’ 94 minute double album free with your ticket, which makes this show an absolute bargain!

Highly recommended.

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

* Kryztoff cannot be held legally responsible for any sickness that may occur from eating old cheese. Always check the expiry date.

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RAW: The Basie/Sinatra Show @ The Prom

The Mike Stewart Big Band are as grand as they ever have been.

Seriously tight, the 17 piece-band plays some jazz classics from the Count Basie songbook. They are then joined by the swinging Luke Thompson, whose rehearsed vocals are simply Sinatra. Personal highlights included I Got The World On A String, Come Fly With Me and crowd sing-a-long I Did It My Way.

For many it was a nostalgic trip down memory lane at The Promethean, but for a few it was about discovering these golden oldie jazz tracks.

Not as cheesy as expected, but still a fantastic set.

Kryztoff Rating: 4K

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Raw – Tim McMillan Band – Higher Ground

With tour dates in such far-away places as Prague, Hamburg and Zwickau (wherever that is) coming up in the near future it is a privilege to be able to catch Melbourne’s “post goblincore pioneers” here in Adelaide. They have one more gig left at the Fringe which is at the zoo, a somewhat fitting location to contain the energy emitted by this band.
The band let flow their virtuoso vibes upon the stage outside higher ground on light square last Friday (if you haven’t seen the stage check it out it’s awesome, and some of the best musical acts of the fringe are performing there.) I was thrilled to find out what a goblincore gig involves and that is amazing guitar playing ranging from atmospheric textural coloring to savage shredding and medieval themed jigs. Tim McMillan really is a brilliant guitarist and master of many styles. Infact he is pretty much guaranteed to blow you away unless you hate music or happened to see Jimi & Eric battling head to head back in the 60’s!!
If your looking to see a truly unique band who are all masters of their instruments and put on a fantastic show check out this band, get into Goblincore!! Highly recommended. Your last chance to catch one of Australia’s finest guitarists in Adelaide is at the Santos conservation centre at the Adelaide zoo, Friday the 12th of march @ 9pm. (By Socratos)

Kryztoff Rating  4.5

RAW: Axis of Awesome- Infinity Rock Explosion

So the lead singer of Axis of Awesome looks like Jack Black. You know it and he knows it. Yeah, it’s funny but it’s not the only funny thing the band has to offer. These guys are witty and talented to boot! The keyboard player, who looks like Chicken Little, has a music degree under his belt.

Covering the Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire but changing the lyrics to form a ‘surprise’ song was a highlight as was a song about a superhero titled ‘Skeleton Man’. Not ones to shy away from a shameless plug, the guys promoted and preformed songs from their fictional CDs.

Upon entry to the venue you will be given 3D glasses. To ensure you don’t look like a dork, hold off on wearing the glasses until you are prompted and you will see an exclusive song in 3D. It’s just like Avatar! However, the real climax of the show came towards the end when the band performed their wonderful ‘Four Chords’ song. These guys are very funny. Jack Black, eat your heart out. 

Kryztoff Rating: 3.5K

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RAW: Die Roten Punkte – Rock! @ Le Cascadeur (GoUD)

Die Roten Punkte, or The Red Dots, are a brother-sister rock and roll combo straight out of Berlin. The show sees drummer Astrid – fresh out of rehab – and straight edge guitarist Otto, dueling for the audiences attention in a series of hilarious songs and between song banter.

A Pixies-inspired song about a banana, a futuristic keytar number about a robot with intentions of one day being a lion, the ‘first album trilogy’, and an acoustic love song penned for a ‘kind of’ vegan audience member are just a few of the many highlights. Astrid is a riotous highlight, while Otto’s constant posing and Iggy Pop stage moves and windmills make for a thoroughly entertaining show, with laughs never far apart.

If you have any interest in music, see this! If you don’t, you will still bloody love it!

Kryztoff Rating: 4.666K

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RAW: Akoustic Odyssey – Promethean

For their shows at the picturesque Promethean, Akoustic Odyssey delivered up exactly as their web-site describe it – a banquet of rock baroque, Latin jazz, classical heavy metal, Mediterranean, and Middle-Eastern styles with just a touch of funk.

These shows included extracts off their forthcoming album Lotus that includes not only new material but reworked old standards such as Odyssey. The prolific nature of the group may be evidenced by the fact their last album was released less than 18 months ago.

AO has enjoyed considerable local support with a gig at 2006 WOMAD and nominations for Fringe Act of the year. The music quickly draws you in and one rapidly appreciates the quality musicianship of all the players with perhaps Josh Tsounis on guitars (and one of the primary composers) the standout. Many of the songs gather momentum like a departing passenger train before cruising at high velocity in their midst. Emma Luker (violin) and Talitha Best (oboe) make fine front people while Anne Harrington’s percussion is under emphasised or at the risk of being under appreciated.

Akoustic Odyssey is fine Sunday afternoon fare for all to enjoy.

Kryztoff Rating – 4K

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RAW: Paul Dougherty and his Band – La Boheme

Recently returned from a year studying in Boston, Paul Dougherty showed a small but appreciative audience the benefit of his time away with an engrossing display at the quaint La Boheme last Thursday night. Dougherty with two strings to his bow as both a bass player and vocalist played an array of music – much his own but supported by the likes Bill Withers – complemented by equally varied lyrical topics including the opening five song homage to Amelia Earhart based in turn on a song by Joni Mitchell.

Paul was well supported by Daniel Brunner on key boards (and also a composer for the evening) and Chris Neale on drums while out of the direct light but a wonderful accompaniment to Dougherty’s voice and compositions was young Dan Clohesy on sax.

Dougherty showed great confidence and maturity in not only his own abilities but also the program he chose. While jazz of this type can suffer for composers who can’t sing, Dougherty’s smooth hedgehog brownie type voice added extra dimension and enjoyment. His Ain’t No Sunshine cover perhaps best highlighted his talents vocally as well his capacity to interpret as well as innovate.

Find the time to track him down when next he plays.

Kryztoff Rating – 4K

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RAW: Sam Eads Big Band – Queens Arms

It was a hugely ambitious project to bring together 18 young musicians for a big band recital based on in-house composers and then Maynard Ferguson classics but Sam Eads and his band pulled it off on debut at the Queens Arms on Friday night and pulled it off easily.

The first set was mostly compositions of prodigious talent Daniel Clohesy. These gave sax player, Jason McMahon and trombonists Nick Pietsch and Jimmy Bowman (amongst others) a chance to strut their stuff supported by the work horses, Joel Prime (percussion), Polly Thomas (drums) and Marty Houlebek (bass). The second set of Maynard Ferguson standards featured a bearding Eric Santucci taking control on trumpet in a display of bluster and confidence that returned the trust placed in him by Eads to hold this portion of the show together.

Over the whole hour, the sax quintet were the stars with McMahon ably supported by Andrew Crago, Alex Mussolino as well as Clohesy.

This was a great sound and great fun as well as high inspiration to see so many young players pulling together in a venture like this. With a little more polish – not too many of the penguin suits fitted or their shoes polished – Adelaide will be blessed if they can play for us regularly.

Kryztoff Rating – 4K

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RAW: The Wheel of Frank Confession @ Arcade Lane

The Wheel of Frank Confession is a unique showcase of 4 talented Australian songwriters. Starring Emily Davis, Emma Dean, Brendan Maclean and Ben Stewart this is a simple, but effective concept. The audience spins “Frank” the wheel, whose choice of emotions decides the set list for the show – Then the performers share a related song/confession. The performers strike a wonderful balance between funny, cute, meaningful, emotional and charismatic.

This show is heaps of fun. The performers are talented, the songs well crafted and the space a rough, but lovely sounding room. The only thing missing – is more people! Would love to see this performed in front of bigger crowds with more room for audience participation.

A great opportunity to get something off your chest, make sure you come prepared with a good confession! You might just get the chance to share it (anonymously!) with the world! Get out there and support these 4 great performers!

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5 K

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RAW: Art Vs Science @ Fringe Launch

Art Vs Science are extremely calculated crowd pleasers. They craft a stage show that’s all about the party vibe and getting the crowd jumping, dancing and fist pumping. The hits were there including “Flippers” and “Parlez Vous Francais” and the audience lapped it up.

Sure, it’s formulaic, highly calculated and heavily marketed party music, but these guys genuinely enjoy themselves on stage. They’re not breaking boundaries, but who cares when everyone’s having such a great time?

Kryztoff Rating: 4K
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