Life doesn’t always turn out as we had wished as a kid. Which is probably a good thing as if it had most of us Gen Y guys would be either Transformers or Ninja Turtles and Prince Charles would be Camilla’s tampon. Realising that he had no magic powers of his own, Bart Freebairn seeks to find magic in the world around him, learning some harsh lessons about how the real world works along the way.

Incredibly thoughtful, often insightful and continuously witty, Bart’s show is not the joke-a-second gig that some look for. That didn’t worry me. His jokes are incredibly funny – well set up and nicely delivered; the narrative in between engaging and thoughtful. Taboo topics are tackled bravely and irreverently in a show that could best be summed up as a delightful deviation from the real world for a while.

Oh, and his show is opened by a real wizard.

Kryztoff Rating: 3.75K

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