It was a full house on a balmy Adelaide evening in the Tin Shed at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, but one could have heard a pin drop when Cal Williams unassumingly took to the stage and began playing some lovely slide guitar.  After a few minutes he was joined by Kory Horwood plucking and bowing his double bass, and a little later by the amazing Will Kallinderis on harmonica.

They proceeded to hold the full attention of the audience for the duration of the show with their easy flowing style, expert musicianship and snippets of storytelling and humour.  The early blues music included a touch of soul and gospel, some Appalachian blues played on a ukulele made out of an old copper wood heater, and a beautiful rendition of Parchman Farm featuring brilliant solos by all three musicians.  Will Kallinderis treated us to a demonstration on how to play the ‘tin sandwich’ and a brief history of the instrument.  All three performers sang, and their voices worked beautifully together.

At the end of the night the audience were invited to participate in a version of ‘Turn Your Money Green’ which they did, with gusto.

The setting was ideal, the weather was cooperative, and the audience were very appreciative.  This was a very classy and engaging show.


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