FRINGE 2018: The Best of Scottish Comedy – 3.5K

scottish comedyThe Sky Room of the Griffith’s Hotel was alive with laughter on Tuesday evening with the Best of Scottish Comedy Fringe show. The show features stand-up comedy from Vladimir McTavish and two other Scottish comedians every night until March 4.

Tuesday night started with the self-proclaimed “best afro-celtic comedian” Bruce Fummey. Bruce got the audience going with his warm humour and shouty rants that are simply… so very Scottish.

Ray Bradshaw followed with a sneak peek of his show “Deaf Comedy Fam.” As a child of two deaf parents, Ray speaks both English and Sign Language and has created the world’s first comedy show in both languages. His set was both hilarious and fascinating as he described growing up and various events throughout his life. Ray told a good story but also handled disgruntled hecklers in an entertaining and satisfying way.

The small, tartan-suited Vladimir McTavish followed. The spikey-haired 60-year-old brought sass to the stage; talking about everything from alcohol to ageing. And while some of his material did focus on politics, it entertained while avoiding being offensive or condescending – quite an achievement in such a divisive world.

The night was an excellent taste of what the Fringe has to offer and a great way to discover new acts. This showcase promises genuine laughs and will leave you wanting more.

Be sure to see the show before it ends on March 4.


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