FRINGE 2018 – Marcel Blanch-de-Wilt: Love and Cordial – 4K – The Producers


There’s one word to describe Marcel Blanch-de-Wilt’s show Love and Cordial: sweet.

Detailing the story of how he met his wife, Marcel weaves a journey of self-discovery, love, misery, and life’s ups and downs whilst he was getting $1 movies, letting go of his NIDA dreams, and writing punny copy for a cordial company.

As the Venue Manager of The Producers, to hear Marcel’s journey from the 18-year-old aspiring actor, through to his Fringe fame, and all the bumps in the road in-between is a charming tale. It’s also one that’s brutally honest; describing long-distance relationships, depression, and relationships with equal mixture of realism and humour. However, never waning is Marcel’s evident positivity and personality. He seems to tackle life with a fantastic enthusiasm – and a whole bunch of puns and dad jokes. As well as this, Marcel includes witty and well-timed musical cues, enhancing his stories and closing off his show with a self-admitted indulgent musical number that will leave you chuckling as you walk out the door.

Love and Cordial is a fantastic, fun night out at the Adelaide Fringe – whether single, taken, or doing it long-distance.

Kryztoff Rating: 4K

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