FRINGE 2018 – COMEDY – Dating Naked – The Producers – 5K

Dating Naked is a stand-up comedy performed by Doughnut Girl, Tor Snyder. It almost felt like you are taken in one of the bedrooms at a house party to branch off for a much cooler party. Tor took the whole crowd to a world of chuckles with her natural wittiness; gets everyone to play and gives away some of her doughnuts.  The skits seemed to be amateur, but it was very well done as they are most likely intentional. Her interactive entertainment with an impromptu role playing for a pickup in a bar or a on-the-spot sitcom were more delightful than the doughnuts. There was literally a dating show, where few of the lucky audience got to go naked—almost.  The room was full of endless laughter, with almost no room to breathe. Altogether, this is a comedy show that is effortlessly hilarious. A definite late night delight and definitely worth checking out! Three more shows left, catch Doughnut Girl before Perth takes her back.

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