CABARET FESTIVAL – WINE BLUFFS – Damien Callinan & Paul Calleja – 4.K

The Wine Bluffs


BANQUET ROOM   – Saturday 15th June 2018

Review by GARY CLARKE 

Do you like wine?   Have you got a wicked sense of humour?  Yes?  Then you will feel right at home with these two very witty performers.  What does your cellar look like?   Does it have see- through glass walls into your swimming pool perhaps?  Then you qualify as  a “Wine Wanker” and will be issued with a T shirt emblazoned with that sobriquet.

Wine Bluffs is one enormous piss-take where the audience are invited to participate… and they did!  Damien and Paul’s witty repartee and attention to local provenance in regard to their material worked a treat on this receptive audience .  All things viniferous were fair game.  Political wines like The Pauline Hanson :  a  red that goes off if placed near foreign objects …   A South Australian ‘whine’:  The Christopher Pyne is only available in piccolos.    A night of intoxicating humour blurring the distinction between oenologist and onanism .      Highly Recommended   4.K

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