Fringe 2019 – Umbrella Man – National Wine Centre – 4K

Marooned and shoeless and working as a tour guide at Angkor Wat, Umbrella Man shares his story of misfortune and naivety. Managing to be humorous and engaging throughout, he takes us with him on his journey through hope, grief and homesickness into a gentle spiral of madness and conspiracy theories via spoken word poetry, ‘local jokes’, and storytelling. Trying to convince us that the earth is flat (and that the moon landing was fake, and JFK’s assassination…etc), he takes us to the very edges of his ice- rimmed world and attempts to get us to look over the edge with him, to see what he sees.

With his gentle piano improvisations lulling us into a false sense of security as we enter the room and take our seats, he leaves his keyboard to make our acquaintance, desperately seeking connections to his past. He is one of those lonely people that one encounters in bars around the world hungry for an understanding ear, to meet someone, anyone who will listen.

Umbrella Man comes to the Adelaide Fringe after successful seasons at both the Edinburgh and Prague Fringe. Presented by writer/performer Colin Bramwell this is a goofily funny, tender show.
Bramwell is a delightful raconteur with a beautiful voice for delivering the spoken word.

Umbrella Man will be appearing nightly in the Ferguson Room at the National Wine Centre until March 1st.

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