Fringe 2019 – Rebel – Wonderland Spiegeltent at Gluttony – 4K

Bursting onto the stage in a profusion of sound and colour Rebel the show is a high energy performance from beginning to end and carries the smiling rocking audience along with it. The fabulous vocals of Stewart Reeve combined with the very talented musicians and a sideshow of circus deliver far more than a mere tribute to David Bowie.
Promising us that this show will not be boring Reeve brings the essence of Bowie to the stage whilst his own personality and distinct voice are preserved. With fabulous costumes (and amazingly fast costume changes) we are taken through the different eras and styles of the late musician’s career.
On Tuesday night the cast seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely despite the very warm Adelaide evening. They claim that until they came to Adelaide they did not realise that knees could sweat. Starting with the title song Rebel we heard such classics as Space Oddity, Ziggy Stardust and Under Pressure amongst others. Sparks flew and we saw wonderful aerial displays, skilful hoop work, fire eating and roller skating accompanying the songs. Although the circus acts, performed primarily by the band members, could at times be a bit distracting, they also contributed an element of surprise to the evening.
The audience, comprised of a wide spectrum of ages, clapped and sang along throughout and rose to their feet in appreciation as the performance came to a close.

This family friendly show can be seen at 6:30pm in the Wonderland Spiegeltent at Gluttony until 17th March.

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