FRINGE 2019 – Anya Anastasia: The Show – 3K – Gluttony Masonic

Anya Anastasia has been around the Fringe scene for a while now, both here in Adelaide, in Edinburgh, and no doubt at festivals throughout Australia. Known for her incredible costumes, quirky songs, and falsetto tones, Anya is a stalwart of the cabaret festival scene.

For this reason, it’s disappointing that her latest Fringe fare, Anya Anastasia: The Show, is a little lacklustre. Despite all three of her well-known attributes being ticked off – albeit some of them not until the conclusion of the show – Anya Anastasia: The Show is missing some of the vital energetic magic that made Rogue Romantic stand out from the crowd.

Anya sings about potential future employers, transferrable skills from the arts, and a potential future career at ASIO, but there was none of that usual Anya spark. The lyrics were as inventive and clever as ever, but they failed to whip up the crowd in Gluttony’s masonic. In addition – and this is not a slight against Anya herself, nor have marks been taken off for that reason – the sound levels were way off, meaning Anya’s already strong and loud voice was even louder; in a small room such as the Phoenix, it was way too loud.

Which is a shame, because Anya’s a pro at this – but then again, we all have off shows.

Nevertheless, fans of Anya will love this.

Kryztoff rating: 3K

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