OzAsia – Silk Road Ensemble – Caravanserai – 3K

By Ben Watson



A talented group of performers from a range of ethnic backgrounds explore the culturally diverse musical history of the famous Silk Road trade routes.

The show contained 17 unique music pieces highlighting the traditional sounds and dances from a wide range of regions spanning from East Asia through to Europe, across two hours, with no intermission.

Each of the 17 pieces was prefaced with information about the corresponding region in which the music originated. The display visuals felt kitsch – a mundane slideshow containing culturally-relevant images depicting the respective regionally specific performances. This may well have been improved through verbal commentary or simple video footage.

The ever-changing music ensemble was arranged in a single row, a bland presentation of the otherwise talented group of versatile musicians. The front of the stage was reserved for the array of unique dance routines, ranging from Arabic belly dancing to the gentle motions of traditional Chinese dance.

Silk Road showcased a wide range of traditional instruments played by skilled performers, together with some amazing vocalists, particularly that of Tibetan soloist, Tenzin Choegyal.

This was an interesting concept for a multicultural show within the field of music and dance.

Kryztoff Rating 3K

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