Fringe 2020 – Physical Theatre and Comedy – Le Petit Circus – Ukiyo at Gluttony – 3.5K

Physical theatre and comedy never fails to delight my young children, and Highwire Entertainment’s latest offering of ‘Le Petit Circus’ was no exception.

Ensconced in the intimate surroundings of the Ukiyo tent, the cleverly designed performance centred around the theme of a manic French restaurant, complete with crazy spinning plates, a Manuel-esque waiter who was much more at home playing his ukulele in all manner of strange positions, and (somewhat randomly but no less thrillingly) a disco ball in a soup pot.

Although the performance at times seemed a little unpolished and potentially under-rehearsed, it must be acknowledged that the Fringe has only just started (and this is only the second performance of this iteration of Le Petit Circus).

Importantly, what Le Petit Circus lacked in finesse it certainly made up for in charm. And, based on the enthralled eyes of my two mini reviewers (who then attempted to cartwheel half the way home), it was certainly a hit with its target audience – young kids.

Definitely recommended for those with kids in the 2 – 8 year age bracket.



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