By Peter Maddern

According to Amos Gill the western world as we know it is crumbling into ruin, pretty much as previous empires have. Amos is a bright guy – with a law degree now after 11 years! – and he has researched his topic well, aiding his presentation with a nice series of images.

I have seen Amos a few times over the life of his law degree including right back at its start and he has certainly now developed into a top flight comic, so much so he has given up his morning radio gig here on Airheads FM and now tours the world doing his shows.

Amos is a funny guy but what stands him out from the pack is a fearlessness about his humour. Not so much as to go where no comedian has gone before but rather its opposite, to go back to what used to be standard comic fodder. Political correctness has taken over the world including the crazy brave pursuit of standing alone on a stage armed only with a microphone and quickly aging beer and hoping you can make people laugh. Amos knows his humour and how his audience is reacting to it is somewhat of a high wire act but he pushes on and gets his message across; you may not agree with it but you’ll laugh a plenty getting there.

Me fears the woke warriors will eventually catch up with Amos, so get in there quick before the offence police crash through the doors. This is another fine Adelaide comic doing gigs on bigger stages elsewhere but home for a few here over the Fringe.

Kryztoff Rating 4.5K

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