Fringe 2020 – Project Ludwig – 5k


By Riccardo Barone 

2020 means the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth; such a nice and an unusual way to celebrate with the Australian String Quartet at the Auditorium at SAHMRI.
The audience had a fundamental say on the program; it was like creating your own string quartet choosing 4 movements from an available selection from Beethoven’s quartets op. 18. Each quartet’s movement had a related description of the general mood written on a page; on the back of the page there was a photograph of the quartet manuscript. On four different desks (one for each movement) you could express your preference choosing your favourite movement, creating in this way a “patchwork” to be performed after the results of this genial survey. There were magnetic score readers where you could scan the page and express your vote. This magnetic score reader was actually playing your preference as well.
After The Australian String Quartet reached the stage it was time to announce the winners and perform the patchwork. And the performance has been memorable, emotional and extremely precise.

Kryzstoff rating: 5k

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