Fringe 2020 – Black Box Theatre – Enterprise – 3.5K

Scaled enterprise hero faces final

By Ben Watson

Written by Brian Parks, Enterprise is a satirical depiction of the honest truths found within the corporate skyscrapers of Manhattan. Four enthusiastic colleagues sense the lingering downfall of their company and hastily commence work on a proposal to win over executives and save the business. Among bickering and collusion, the corporate employees work tirelessly through the night in achieving their goal.

The play is divided into numerous short scenes, some containing a flurry of voices in heated discussion whilst others employ long, intimately detailed monologues. Parks has included some wonderfully sharp comedic moments throughout, forcing the audience to hold close attention during the rapid outburst of speech. The ferociously chaotic structure of the play represents the ever-present mayhem of big city white-collar work.

Between the quick scenes, the set cuts to black and a hauntingly raw sonic arrangement plays. The recurring audio theme creates an uncomfortable ambience. Constructed from what seems to be everyday office sounds such as pen clicks and photocopier chimes, the sound design holds an integral part of gluing the skits together. These intervals between scenes allow for some rest and reflection amongst such hectic abruptness.

The performers were extremely well spoken. Their diction full of clarity, often delivering an overwhelming number of quick-witted lines in short succession.

Information overload can create a humorous buzz in theatre, but this play seems to rely heavily on long complex sections of speech. It is a challenge for audience members to process such a whirlwind of dialogue at times. This leaves them humoured at first but later dissatisfied and silently confused, as if to have missed the joke.

Mature audiences advised, young adults and up recommended. Although the core themes were not particularly hard hitting, much of the humour is delicately bundled up in masses of dialogue and could be difficult to enjoy for a younger audience. Overall, a very enjoyable performance albeit difficult to follow at times.

Kryztoff Rating 3.5K

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