Fringe Comedy – George Glass Proves the Existence of God – LVL 5 @ RCC – 3K

By Belle Dunning

George Glass return to the Adelaide Fringe in 2020 with their latest musical exploration — ‘George Glass Proves the Existence of God’. Never one to shy away from the big questions, the local boys bring their unique brand of comedy with cleverly crafted lyrics, rock solid instrumental performances and high energy storytelling to the stage. 

The show centres on one night, one party, and a mysterious phone call from God. Will he appear? What will he look like?

Through the events that ensue (and just as many songs) we get a glimpse into the inner world of each of the characters. Perhaps most disturbingly, what would they ask for if God could grant them one wish?

Having seen ‘Scientology the Musical’ in 2018, this performance didn’t quite live up to my expectations — I felt as though it was missing some of the coherence and finesse of the last show. The venue this year (the old UniBar) also lacked some of the atmosphere and intimacy that you get from a crowded Fringe tent, and didn’t lend itself to the best acoustics for those sitting further back. Despite that, it was still a fun performance and I had a smile on my face the whole time, even if I didn’t quite know why!

George Glass Proves the Existence of God has finished showing for this year’s Fringe, but no doubt they’ll be back next year with an equally energetic and out-of-this-world show. Definitely keep an eye out, as this comedy rock band is something you won’t see anywhere else!

Kryztoff Rating 3K

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