Fringe 2020 – Sorcharess – The Piano Mistress – 3.5k

By Riccardo Barone

Just entering The Warehouse Theatre’s premises has been a transitional moment where you could feel to be somewhere else, not Adelaide, not Australia, maybe in a lost in time Italian or French place.
Sorcharess will take you on a journey, her journey, through her places, her scents, aromas, drinks and feelings, impressed in a glass of apricot wine.
Her show is well balanced with original songs composed by herself and a rich repertoire of numbers from Amanda Palmer, Kate Bush, Nina Simone and Diamanda Gala.
Sorcharess perfectly fits the genre, wearing different voice styles with an evident talent for soul music.
Really noticeable are her original songs, overall where the electric piano and the voice are supported by some delay effect, as well as her intense poems.
We love to remember one of her old original songs “The Kiss of the spider woman”.
The show was over after two brilliant encores, highly and warmly requested by the audience.

Kryzstoff rating: 3.5k

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