FRINGE – Cabaret de la Burlesque – Nexus – 4K

By Ben Nielsen

Premiering at the 2012 Fringe, Cabaret de la Burlesque is a decadent and eclectic affair, featuring an array of entertaining cabaret performances.

Opening the show with conviction was sultry songstress Tilly Browne and the Corsettes. Tilly wooed the audience with her rich velvety tones, performing the Cole Porter classicAnything Goes’. The Corsettes provided a polite but stylistically appropriate accompanying choreography. The first act prepared the audience for an array of similarly vaudevillian performances; including Georgie the dancing cockatoo and an entertainingly crude performance by the tragic opera diva Dame ‘Peaches’ Melba.

The Amazing Christina, Adelaide’s very own 67 year old contortionist, astounded the audience with seemingly unhuman feats of physical elasticity. Christina also worked the crowd throughout the show, providing many laughs and actively encouraging audience participation in her primary role as the evening’s host.

Miss BB le Buff entertained the audience with a variety of acts throughout the show, displaying her versatility and varied skills. It was Miss le Buff’s ability to recover from her two major mistakes (accidentally dropping a hula hoop into the audience, and a less than flattering wardrobe malfunction), and swift retrieval of composure that really exercised her professionalism. Similarly, Pretty Boy B showed a smooth recovery from a near disaster, in an otherwise astounding and surreal roller skate routine.

While the crowd was continually enthusiastic throughout the performance, audibly exhibiting their enjoyment, it was Jolie Mistique’s sensual ‘boylesque’ routine that was a clear crowd favourite.

Cabaret de la Burlesque is an entertaining romp not to be missed.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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