FRINGE – An Audience with Nik Coppin – 3K

By Anthony Nguyen

Nik Coppin, a worldwide-known comedian from the UK, brings his show to the Adelaide Fringe this year with his show An Audience with Nik Coppin.

Although some recent local events left Coppin’s reputation in a bad state, and his confidence somewhat shaken by it, it did not stop him from delivering laughs in a witty and comedic manner.

Different from what the show originally intended, the content of the show has changed and is now featuring Nik Coppin and several other guest comedians.
First of his guests was Georgie Carroll, who through her strong English accent, hilariously commented on various aspects of Adelaide, namely the dangers of St. Kilda’s playground. Coppin’s second guest being Sameena Zehra, probably the most humorous of the guests, recounted on stories of her grandmother and applying for a VISA. The third and final guest, Gareth Berliner, left the audience laughing with stories about his encounters with Adelaide’s ‘bogan’ community.

One feature of the show that really stood out was how Coppin interacted with the crowd. Engaging the audience, he cleverly improvised off the crowd’s reactions and responses, whilst weaving in his own jokes. The guest comedians also, without a doubt, made the show more enjoyable.

Though not one of the best comedy shows the Fringe has to offer, Coppin was able to provide a few chuckles and laughs here and there. Nik Coppin still has shows every day for the next week. So hop on down any day of the week at the Austral to see An Audience with Nik Coppin, or by the mature content and amount of language used, An ‘Adult’ Audience with Nik Coppin would be a more suitable title.

Kryztoff Rating: 3K

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